How do I get my Baby to Sleep in his Crib instead of Arms?

Babies are very sensitive to their environment, and they have a strong preference for sleeping near or next to something or someone they know or love.

They like sleeping in the same place every night, so if your baby is used to sleeping in your arms, he may not want to sleep anywhere else even if he’s tired.

Get your baby to sleep at the right time

If your little one can’t fall asleep, he may not be in bed at the right time. Try to spot the signs of sleep so you don’t miss the boat.

And on top of that, your baby may need to be calmed down because the more tired he is, the more he is likely to be grumpy and angry… And will end up in your arms.

The signs of infant fatigue are not always easy to identify, but with observation, and in time, you will get there!

“A baby needs to be awake for a certain period of time, this is called arousal phases. When he is tired, several signs can challenge us: he puts his fingers in his ears, rubs his eyes, has red eyebrows, crying.

Waiting too long to put your baby to bed, whether for the evening or for the nap, can also be problematic: “Note over several days his rhythm of awakening/sleep. You will identify what time your baby eats and then what time he falls asleep.

This will allow you to put him to bed just before the signs of fatigue appear. Because if you put your baby to bed when he is already completely exhausted, he has trouble falling asleep because he is just too tired.

Your newborn should fall asleep in a warm crib

The reason your little child wakes up when you put him in his bed might be because he has left the warmth of your arms and the coldness of his sheets seizes him: yes, a difference in temperature can wake him up!

A little before going to bed put a bottle with hot water (pay attention to the temperature of course) in his crib, then, when he goes to bed, remove it: the place will be very warm and cozy!

Techniques to make your baby fall asleep in the crib

making baby fall asleep in a crib

Baby wakes up every time you put him in bed and leave the room? No doubt he is particularly sensitive.

Try to put him in his crib very gradually: pull him away from your arms, put him down, make sure to keep your arms around him for a few minutes, then finally pull them out very slowly, without making any sudden movements. All that remains is to leave the room quietly.

Another solution: put the baby in his crib and stay next to him so that he falls asleep when he shows signs of fatigue.

You can also put your hand on his belly to reassure him. Then, leave the room in stages: gently remove your hand, step away from the crib, so that your little one can see you.

If he’s not crying, stand a little further away until you reach the door and he no longer sees you. He will thus learn to sleep without your presence.

But again, it takes patience and a bit of practice. Do not hesitate to talk to your baby also when you put him to bed: reassure him in a soft voice by telling him that you will find him very quickly.

Is it OK to let newborn sleep in your arms?

Some babies wake up when they’re placed in their cribs (and the parents are already tired, too) and can’t go back to sleep. If this happens, it’s better to sleep in the arms than not to go to sleep at all.

Baby has difficulties falling asleep – What if everything comes from the belly ?

A baby who wakes up when put down and starts crying without any visible reason– can hide a digestive problem: this can be a sign that he is suffering from reflux.

Also, remember to burp him well, especially if you give him a bottle. Breastfed babies can also swallow air: observe the attitude of your cap and put it vertically at the end of feeding if it wiggles so that it evacuates the overflow of air.

What should I do if my newborn only sleeps when held?

How do I get my baby to sleep without being held?

If your baby is only sleeping when he is cradled, or if he’s not sleeping at all, then you need to help him get used to sleeping in his crib.

Try putting him down on his back in the crib after feeding at night. He’ll probably fuss at first because he’s used to being cradled and will probably feel uncomfortable in the crib (or bed) with nothing but the mattress under him.

Keep trying this every night until he seems comfortable enough with it that he’ll sleep there for a couple of nights.

Try holding your baby on your shoulder or lap while you read a book or watch TV. If you can do this well enough, it will help your baby sleep better when put down in his crib.

How do I get my baby to sleep in the crib without waking up?

Your baby will probably sleep better in his crib if you put him down for a nap or two during the day. A quick nap can help him feel more comfortable sleeping alone in the crib at night.

You can also try to make sure that your baby is well-fed and rested before putting him down at night. The more tired he is, the less likely he is to wake up when you put him down in the crib.

If your baby wakes up when you put him down, then try putting a blanket over his head or holding your baby close to your chest while he falls asleep again. If this doesn’t work, maybe try putting a pacifier in his mouth and talking softly to him while rocking gently until he falls asleep again.

Be patient with your baby and don’t give up on getting him to sleep in his crib by himself overnight. He may take a few nights or even weeks to get used to sleeping alone in his crib.

Why does my newborn want to sleep on my chest?

There are a few reasons why your newborn might want to sleep on your chest.
The first one is the sound of your heartbeat in your chest which is very soothing and helps your newborn to fall asleep.
Other reasons include the fact that he’s too young for his own crib, so he’s trying to make the transition from being cradled on your chest to being left alone in the crib. If he’s not used to being left alone, he may not be able to fall asleep in his own crib.


The most important thing you can do when trying to make your newborn baby sleep in the crib instead of your arms or chest is to have patience and try to understand that your baby is still a little child. Your baby will grow up one day and he will be able to sleep in his crib by himself.

You can help your baby sleep better by making sure that he’s well-fed and rested, and putting him down at the right time in his crib.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask us in the comment section below.


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