Should You Purchase A New Running Stroller?


A number of new mothers often look for ways to shed some of the weight that they gained during pregnancy and a jogging stroller seems like it would be a good way to work off a few pounds while also spending some time with their children. However, these shelling out quite a bit of money for one of these higher end pieces of equipment is not going to be a good investment for everyone. Before you make an impulse buy, it is important to figure out just what you hope to get out of a new running stroller and whether or not it is something that you will actually end up using on a regular basis.

The higher quality models typically cost between $200 and $400 or more so if you are trying to find the best jogging strollers it will be a hefty investment. If you have more than one child and need a double running stroller, then the price will be significantly higher. This is not a decision to take lightly unless you have money to burn. Be honest with yourself. It could save you some money in the long run.

Who Should Not Buy A New Jogger?

Despite all of your good intentions to get healthier, lose some weight, or find new activities to do with your children, you might fit into a certain group where a new stroller may just add to your collection of stuff you have used only a few times and then put it in the corner of the garage to collect dust. Ask yourself some of the questions below to see if you will be able to get the most out of a new stroller

Do you currently own a treadmill that you have transformed into a clothes rack? This could be the biggest indication that a new jogger may not be the smartest choice for you. If you cannot find the time or energy to use something that provides a convenient way to exercise indoors then how are you going to find the energy to constantly go outside and sweat in the heat. If you have any piece of home exercise equipment that now has another use other than exercise, then a jogging stroller is not going to be for you.

running-stroller-reviewsWhen was the last time that you have actually run anywhere? For a lot of us, running is something we gave up as soon as we became young adults. We tend to slow down, and a brisk walk is the fastest we usually move. If you were never that big into running, then chances are you may not ever be that big into running. Getting a regular stroller may be the better and more economical move here.

Do you like the heat, or sweating? This is a very small thing, but some people tend to stop at the first sign of sweat. How are you going to feel not only running in the heat, but also trying to take care of a crying child who needs a diaper change in the middle of a run. If this is not appealing to you then you might want to pass on the running stroller.

Have you ever had a year long gym membership that you have never used? We all start out with the intent to get back into shape, but once we find out it actually takes work the commitment needed to continue starts to wane. We tend to repeat the same patterns as we go along in life. If this has happened to you then you should save your money for something that you will actually use.

Now if you fit any of the above criteria, but you have already bought a new jogging stroller then all is not lost because you don’t actually have to run to get use out of it. They can also be used for walking. These types of strollers tend to be a little bit heavier and bigger, but they can still function as an everyday stroller, albeit a little more costly.

Who Should Go Ahead and Get A Jogging Stroller?

This answer is rather easy. If you love to run, exercise and stay active outdoors then getting one of these makes perfect sense. If you loved to jog, run marathons or hike before you had children, then getting a high quality jogger is the perfect opportunity to introduce your children to world outside while also getting yourself back into shape. Parents who are healthy tend to pass on those same habits to their kids who end leading healthier lives. Kids typically love to go on their “outdoor adventures” with their parents, so having one of these types of strollers is a wonderful way to have an enjoyable family experience. For a lot of active parents, getting a running stroller is a very sound investment that will more than pay off for itself in the long run (no pun intended).