Get Your Family Keen On Green With These Juicing Recipes

Get hooked on green juicingToday’s top juicing machines can handle a wide variety of different types of fruits and vegetables. Juice is usually associated with drinks that are yellow, red, and orange, but lately, green has become the hottest juice color. Green juice made with fresh green leafy vegetables and fruits, provides the body with loads of instant antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients that are essential for maximum health. Besides, drinking green juice is the easiest way to add a wide variety of vegetables to your diet at once.  Healthy habits start early so now is a great time to get the little ones to enjoy the taste of vegetable juices.

While many have embraced this drink, there are those who can’t stand it mainly because of its color and taste. This is understandable considering that most people prefer juices concentrated with fruits as opposed to vegetables. If you fall in the latter category, then here are some simple recipes of tasty green juices that you can implement with your juicer to greatly improve your health.

Recipe #1


a) 1 large cucumber

b) 1/3 peeled pineapple (no skin)

c) 8 large leaves of kales with stem

d) 1 medium apple (choose your favorite color)

e) 1 bunch of parsley


Combine all the ingredients in a juicer, shake well and serve.

This juice is great for beginners, especially because of the apple and pineapple that provide plenty of sugar to offset any bitterness from the greens. Kale is rich in vitamins A, B6, C and K, as well as calcium, iron and potassium. It’s a great immune booster and detoxifier, and helps to prevent different types of cancer (e.g. breast, prostate and colon cancers).

Those who are just starting out on green leafy vegetables should feel free to reduce the number of kale stalks to their liking to make it easier on the taste buds.

Recipe #2


a) 2 cups of spinach

b) 1 bunch of parsley

c) 1 lime with rind

d) 1 lemon fruit with rind

e) 1 cucumber

f) 3 large stalks of celery

g) 2 medium apples

h) 1 thumb of ginger root


Combine all the ingredients in a juicer and enjoy.

It’s worth noting that beginners may find this juice tasting a bit earthy because their taste buds aren’t used to it. If that’s the case, simply add extra apples (one or two) to sweeten it up.

This drink has many health benefits. For instance, the high amount of spinach makes it an excellent blood builder. Spinach helps to regenerate and reactivate red blood cells, and supplies the body with fresh oxygen. In addition, copper and vitamins A and C present in apples help to brighten the skin and prevent it from sagging. In addition, the high amount of water content in cucumber also hydrates the skin, adding to its natural glow. The presence of lemon also, makes it a great weight loss juice.

Recipe #3


a) 6 stalks of celery

b) 1 head of lettuce

c) A handful of spinach leaves

d) 2 medium apples

e) 2 inches ginger root (peeled)

f) 1 peeled lemon

g) 1 peeled pineapple

h) ¼ head cabbage


Process all the ingredients in a juicer, and serve fresh. Refrigerate what you can’t consume immediately for later use.

Because lemon acts as a preservative, this juice can stay fresh and delicious for up to three days, but it is always advisable to drink it as soon as possible to benefit from the fresh nutrients. It is an excellent cleansing drink with loads of iron, as well as vitamins A and C that should be taken preferably in the morning to kick start your day.

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Here are a few tips to make green juicing easier and enjoyable:

a) As soon as you come from the grocery, trim, wash and refrigerate fruits and vegetables. This way, they go straight into the juicer whenever you’re ready to prepare your juice. No more time needed to prepare the ingredients, hence no more excuses for not juicing.

b) It is best to consume freshly made juice immediately. However, you can also make more than you need at one time, and store in the fridge for later use. It will come in handy, especially in the evening when you’re from work or the gym, and you’re too tired to juice.

c) As a beginner, start with 40% greens and 60% fruits, and increase the amount of vegetables gradually to allow yourself to get used to the taste.

Give the above green juice recipes a try, and get to enjoy the numerous health benefits they offer. Here is another recipe that we also enjoy.